A New Beginning…

I began my first blog when I was in 7th grade. (http://thebasis.tumblr.com/) It was a very cheesy glimpse at my life, which I updated here and there with small tidbits and little confessions.  I would post what I did, where I went, and just things that inspired me. It was my notepad. Around 9th grade, I started a new blog: http://imrollingonthefloor.tumblr.com/ , which was filled with brainless comical pieces that could cheer up somebody’s day, or bring a smile to their face. I like to make others laugh.

This year, I decided to begin yet another adventure. A blog about my love for art, music, food, and above all, fashion. Although it has inherited the same name from my previous blog, I hope that someday this will blossom into so much more.


One thought on “A New Beginning…

  1. Hi Natalie. We have the same taste in boots! Love the Stuart Weitzmans and the frye engineer boots. My faves by far. My son Joe would agree with you on the music venues in NYC. He only frequents the smallish obscure ones but on a regular basis (more so in the summer now that he is in college). Love love love the blog! Keep it up. Xoxoxo

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