Full Speed Ahead

Today was such a chilly day. It was  one of those days that I couldn’t convince myself to do anything, yet knew that I shouldn’t waste another day lounging around in my pj’s. I ended up going out.  I guess my outfit reflected my do-nothing mood; I wore my Aqua leggings, white V-neck, a big, black, zip-up hoodie, black cashmere leg warmers, and my go-to black Frye boots.  I spent my day browsing through the aisles of Bloomingdales, and I even made a quick stop to the downstairs Magnolia Bakery, because their cupcakes are just too darn irresistible.

Of course when I returned home my eyes were glued to the Giants game, but I also was intrigued by what everyone would wear to the Golden Globes. Who would be best dressed, and more importantly, who would be worst? This year, I thought that everyone’s outfit’s were pretty bland,  yet there were still a few celebs who I thought looked good.

Best dressed

Out of all my Best Dressed choices above, my favorite was definitely Rooney Mara’s. I love the way the black, Nina Ricci dress compliments her pale skin, and I don’t think that the low-cut aspect would work on anyone else. Plus, I like her a little more now that the Giants won (because her parents own the team).

The dog from The Artist hands down stole the show.

Worst dressed

Both of these outfits are just terrible. The bright pink hump doesn’t work at all on Natalie Portman (let alone anyone else). The mesh silver with the exposed stomach and chest make Lea Michele look as if she had just rolled out of the Jersey Shore. I would expect so much more!

Anyway, with award season full speed ahead, I can’t wait to see what other Best/Worst Dressed Outfits lay in our future!

Which were your best/worst picks?

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