Lita Boot Lovin’

Ever since Jeffrey Campbell released the “Lita Boot” in Summer 2010, they have become a hard-hitting trend and an intense statement piece. Practically every blogger has been writing about them, every fashionista has been wearing them, and ever girl like me has wanted a pair. Not only have I seen these all over my tumblr dashboard, but I’ve also see them stacked high on the aisles of stores such as LF, Nasty Gal, and even Urban Outfitters.

But I have a question for you… how well do these boots really translate into everyday life?  They’re absurdly comfortable, cute, and a longtime investment, for sure, but do all the bright pink/white polka dots or american flag boots stand any chance in the real world?

(Lita Boot- SoleStruck)

Personally, I think that when buying Lita’s go for the bold colors. You can never go wrong with a midnight navy, creamy white, or dark black shoe. For summer, a lighter, brighter aqua Lita might be nice, or a vibrant neon purple.  And then, if you’re so daring and want to buy the more “fun” Lita options, do so after purchasing your bolder colored boots. And hey, having two pairs is never a bad thing, right!


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