Classy Cutouts

Nasty Gal

Among stores like LF and Nasty Gal, a common trend has been “cut out” clothing. Tops and dresses tend to be the most popular of items, but bathing suits, shorts, and even jackets are becoming more in style now. Most stores charge you more for even less clothes!  Is it worth it?

Well, 1st of all, cutouts do not work on anyone with kids, period. You don’t want to look like your reliving your youth with a “distressed” look. When your older and you have a job, you probably want to look more put together. Second, you don’t want to buy a trashy dress with cutout holes everywhere. The less cutouts, the more of a stance you’ll make. Normally, it’s better to get a cutout top/dress that doesn’t have the cuts near the waist. If you have a few extra pounds that you need to shed, this will definitely show them (and who wants that!) Above, I’ve posted some of my fave cutout tops and dresses  (via Nasty Gal) that can be dressed up or down per occasion! Also (if you haven’t been able to tell by now), I think that black is the most chic color there is, and that it looks good on everyone, of all ages. A colored cutout might be nice for summer, but for winter, dark solid’s are the way to go.

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