Saturday Style: Blouses

Nasty Gal

Every woman should have at least one blouse in their closet; it’s a staple. It can be dressed up with a skirt and heels, or dressed down with skinny jeans/shorts and a pair of boots. They transition throughout the seasons since they can be worn in fall, spring, summer, and even winter. Since I go to a private school with uniforms, I own multiple Lands End white button down blouses, which I have to wear with a plaid skirt everyday. I hate them. They are confining and don’t allow for self-expression. Everyone looks the same. Recently though, I’ve realized that a blouse doesn’t have to be something that one associates with school/work, but instead it can be key article of clothing. Sometimes, it can even make the outfit. Above I’ve pulled together a selection of blouses which I find to be rather fun and girly. They can be worn throughout the seasons and dressed up or down per occasion.

(My school uniform)


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