Let it Snow

Picture taken on Instagram

This morning I rose from my bed to see snow outside my window… yes, snow! It’s hard to believe that this is the first real snow of the season. New Yorkers had to suffer through a painfully warm December, so it was relieving that snow came before Spring (since I know we were all starting to lose hope). The cold, snowy weather meant that it was finally time to break out the hats, scarves, and gloves and to dig through the closet for my snow boots. Below, I’ve gathered some of my favorite cold weather accessories (which range in price) which can make the snow so much more delightful!

1.)  Asos $68 2.) Urban Outfitters $13 3.) Asos $6 4.) Shopbop $105 5.) Urban Outfitters $13 6.) Asos $13 7.) Marc Jacobs $55 8.) Urban Outfitters $20


One thought on “Let it Snow

  1. HAHAHA what a nice view you have!
    Check out the fur snoods on ASOS. You should include them in here cause ASOS is having a huge sale on the stuff like that. Like the fur snoods. And I dig your way of crediting the items instead of putting the full links. You know you can put the link in the word, right? I think it’s called a hyper link, and then your able to click on the word, like “ASOS” and it’ll take you to that item.

    Less than 24 hours til midterms and 0 hours spent studying today! Wahoo!

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