Fringe For The World

(photo taken on Instagram for the iPhone: @nml246)

About a month ago, I purchased a grey fringe bag at Urban Outfitters which I instantly fell in love with. Ever since I was a young girl,  my mother would dress me in Fringe cowboy boots, or pink fringe sweaters. Since then, I’ve had a love for the small fringe details on accessories, jackets, and tops.

When most people think of “fringe,” they think of cowboys with long leather pants, and a whole lot of fringe mess. No, it’s most certainly not this way at all! Fringe has become a big trend that’s popping up in stores all over. Fringe accessories have always been my favorite item, but fringe jackets, scarves, and even bathing suits are now becoming increasingly popular. From moccasins, to big fringe bags I think a little fringe can add some spunk to any outfit!


1.  Free People $198 2. Asos $54 3. Asos $128 4. Urban Outfitters $17


5.  Tori Praver $105 6. Nom De Plume by YaYa $69 7. Singer22 $124 8. Topshop $55


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