Sunny Saturdays

Today, the weather outside was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t cold enough that you had to wear a jacket, yet it wasn’t warm enough that you had to worry about sweating or humidity. It was just some of the best weather I could have asked for.  I wore a navy plaid flannel top, vintage Levi denim jacket, velvet pants, and Frye boots.  I spent the day down in Soho with some friends, stuffing my face in many different locations. Our first stop was “Viva La Crepe,” which I swear has the best crepes in all of NYC. I got a tomato, mozzarella, and basil crepe, which they pour hot on the griddle to order.

We continued our food outing by going to Rice to Riches, a dessert bar specializing completely in Rice Pudding. There were at least 20 different kinds to choose from, but I stuck with the classic pudding and a coconut crumble topping. My favorite part of this shop was not the food itself, but instead were the witty sayings hung all around it.

Next, we journeyed to Mac Bar, where we all split a Classic Mac and Cheese. It was the best mac and cheese I’ve had in a while (and that’s one big statement considering I love me some mac.) It had a crusty topping, and cheesy bottom; it was amazing.  I highly recommend that you consider stopping at these restaurants the next time you go down to Soho.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturdays

  1. HAHA
    “food excursion”
    I’m still full, no joke.
    Actually I think I’m going to barf. But it was worth it.

    Except for Mac Bar…not convinced on that one.


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