An Armful of Fun

To signify friendship, we buy crappy string bracelets that are not meant to last long. Now what does that say about that friendship? Are our friendships with one another a mere bracelet that falls off within months of its purchase, or are they everlasting bonds which should be a knot tied tight around our wrist?


Well, the selection of arm candy above is no knot, but certainly not a string bracelet either. They are fashionable, stackable, stylish pieces that can be worn together, or on their own. They are a definite statement which friends (of all ages) can mix, match, or wear one by one and show off to one another(or trade!). Personally, I would combine pieces from each of the 3 columns and wear them together on one wrist.  (But don’t over-do it, you don’t want to look like an old woman wearing all of the jewelry she owns)

Now go search through your drawers for some old stackable pieces, or go buy a few new ones to add to the collection… but either way, get stackin’!


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