The Woman in Black Premiere

Although this post is not about music, fashion, or food, it is about one of my many other loves, film. Tonight, I had the great honor of going to The Woman in Black premiere starring Daniel Radcliffe. As we entered the theater my friend and I were handed black veils, that would act as our tickets for the rest of the night. Everyone was told to wear black, in honor of the movie’s title. There were psychic readings, make-up artists, and even a selection of Baked by Melissa cupcakes for all the guests to indulge in. But the best part of the night was when Daniel Radcliffe, in the flesh, came running out to introduce his new movie to us. Overall, the night was fun, Daniel Radcliffe was adorable, and the movie (from what I could see through my sweaty palms clenching my face) was a terrifying thriller.  Go see it on your next movie night, if you dare!


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