Today I missed a half day of school to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference at the Milk Studios on 15th street. Choosing what to wear for such an event was so difficult, but I ended up going with an H&M mint green top, pair of Guess skinny jeans, a Nom de Plume moto jacket, some funky rings, and a pair of Chanel combat boots.

The journey from East 75th to West 15th was long, but it was worth it. As my friend and I arrived (very late I may add), we were handed goodie bags (more on that later) and found ourselves amidst a crowd of amazingly well dressed people. Panelists speaking at the event included the writers of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Refinery 29, Wendy’s Lookbook, and PS… I made this (just to name a few). It was such an honor to be able to share such a great day with so many other influential writers in the blogging community, and I cannot wait to return next year!

Ahh yes… The Goody Bag. The whole cab ride home I couldn’t help but peek at the wonders inside. It wasn’t until I got to my apartment though that I could dump the whole thing on my floor and rummage through it.

Inside the bag there was an assortment of different products. From Arizona lip balm, to a Bauble Bar necklace, and the Glamour magazines, to a 50$ beauty certificate, the bag full of goodies was a great way to end a certainly memorable day.

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