Finger Candy

My current ring collection.

A ring is such a statement piece. It can add that small little bit of umph! to your outfit, and tie the whole thing together. Today after school, I sorted through my ring drawer and looked at the potential and simplicity of each individual ring. Whether it be a small band that you wear all the time, or a big stand-out chunky ring, people take notice as to what candy is wrapped around your fingers. Rings help to make my short fingers look longer and more polished, which is why I am making a personal commitment to begin to wear them more.


2 thoughts on “Finger Candy

  1. ok i should be studying but

    and i love all of these rings
    especially your spiral black one and the boar head one
    how do the horse shoe rings rock exactly?
    you should do a post on where to find affordable rings that DONT turn your fingers blue – it’s a problem i’ve been having with my H&M rings. i wear so many of them half my fingers are blue and by the end of the day it’s quite noticeable.

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