The 54th Grammy Awards: Best and Worst

They call it “music’s biggest night,” and it was certainly just that. With timeless performances, well deserved awards, and  a Whitney tribute, the Grammy Awards were in full swing. Adele won the bulk of the awards, and performed a much awaited piece which lived up to everyone’s expectations. As always, there were the best and the worst dressed of the night. Here are my picks-

Best Dressed:


Kelly Rowland- This color perfectly suited her skin, and gave off a magical glow.

Adele- The side swept blond locks, red lips, and elegant dress could not have looked better. A classic, glamorous, timeless look.

Worst Dressed:

Robyn- Just… wow! The short white skirt was not flattering, and the t-shirt looked cheap and unprofessional. I mean, come on, you could at least try!

Robyn on the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. February 12, 2012.

Fergie- The orange lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress itself is beautiful, but the undergarments are… questionable.

Anne V-This dress/shirt/bathing suit/undergarment (oh, I don’t know) came across slightly stripper-esque. I do not think that it was an appropriate length or provided enough coverage.

Well, there you have it! I can’t wait for another great year of music, and to see who snatches the awards next year!


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