Fashion Week may be halfway over, but it is still moving full speed ahead.  Last night, the Betsey Johnson show was all everyone could talk about, and who could blame them! Her show was full of funky/vibrant prints,  colorful furs, and all so much spunk. Would you expect anything less? Although not every piece is completely practical for day to day life, everything has potential. Yes, even the fur scarves and silver boots! She took us on a magic carpet ride throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, by recreating only the most fabulous pieces from each decade and pairing them with a soundtrack that rocked!

Here are some of my favorite looks-


2 thoughts on “betseymania!

    i LOVE the last look
    her ideas are always great – she’s timeless! literally always looks young, vibrant and chic.
    and her designs have, it seems, matured, considering i used to find myself oogling at the too-much-tulle and too-much-magenta mixes, and now find myself actually considering wearing, not just admiring her collections.
    love that woman.

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