Packing Problems- Berlin

If I had to choose one thing in this world that I am absolutely, positively, horrible at, it would be packing.  I never know how many pairs of shoes to bring, or how to coordinate my outfits in advance. When I get dressed, I throw on whatever I feel like wearing that day, so what am I supposed to do when I have to plan out my outfits for the next week! Tomorrow, I leave for Berlin. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to arrive there. It’s my first time in Europe (I know, crazy right?), and I promise to take plenty of pictures. Until then though, the packing dilemma haunts me.

The shoes remain in a jumble, the scarves in a piled high mess, and then after threats of snow and rain there the dreaded choice between rain or snow boots (oy vey)! The good news is that I do have my carry on all ready to go.  It’s filled with the latest magazine issues,  chewy candies, and even a camera.

Well, I guess I will just have to wing the packing, and deal with it all when I arrive.

Gute Nacht!

(good night)


6 thoughts on “Packing Problems- Berlin

  1. I’ve never been to Berlin – but am dying to go. Everyone says that it’s a brilliantly fun and trendy city. Have fun! x

    PS I would go for snow boots, always better to be toasty…

  2. You’ll Love germany! My dad lives there so I’ve been a few times. A little jealous of you right now, can’t wait till I go back! Just wear whatever, they usually do, although its a little more grungy depending what part of Germany you’re in. Love that camera BTW!

    okay have an AMAZING time my love.
    i like your headphones. a lot.
    miss you SO SO much and wanna see you the weekend you get home.
    take tons of pictures with that trendy cam
    and i’d go with jeans/leggings with high socks, boots, chunky knit sweaters and ray bans/circle-sunglasses. you can never go wrong with that. comfy, yet cool.


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