Back From Berlin (and Paris?)

Ahh yes… finally, I am back! After a wonderful trip to Berlin and an even more exciting side trip to Paris – more on the later- my first time in Europe could not have been better. The flights were long and tiring, and the weather wasn’t always perfect, but the trip itself was something I will remember forever. I went with my synagogue’s confirmation class  (dorky right!) and gained so much experience,  knowledge, and understanding of the city as a whole. Berlin is one of the most different places that I have ever been to. It has hip, fashionable people in town for the Film festival, extremely Jewish people, and then a mix of homeless people and hookers. Sights I visited included the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Checkpoint Charlie, a variety of different museums, and of course, the Berlin Wall. This trip was filled with first’s, as I also tried real German schnitzel for the first time. The weather was cold and rainy most days, making it hard to decide what to wear. My suitcase was well packed, so I managed to find a cute but casual ensemble each day.

As I stated before, we did end up making a side trip to Paris. There was a blizzard in Berlin delaying our flight from Paris to New York, forcing us to spend the night. I had never been to Paris before, but swore to myself that after this visit I would go back. It was unimaginably incredible in every which-what way. I ate the best crepe of my life, and went to the actual Laduree Macaroon shop.  The city was so quaint and the architecture was overwhelming. Oh, and the food was good too, I guess.

Anyway, Below are some pictures from my trip.

Uniting East and West Berlin- painted on the Berlin wall

Sauchsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial


One thought on “Back From Berlin (and Paris?)

    yo, i can tell you ALL about prussia (ehap life woohoo!!)
    looks like an amazing, really moving trip. and you’re SO lucky you got to stop at paris too!!

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