The Funky Five

This is just a list of 5 things that I find to be particularly groovy. Enjoy the first installment below:


1. This dress from Topshop is certainly a show-stopping look.  Priced at only $180, the dress is flattering, and feminine (and a little bad-ass) all at the same time. The dress would look perfect paired with any bold colored heels.

2. Lush Cosmetics is always one of my favorite soap stores to stop by and spend some time in.

3.  This super sleek hair spray adds the perfect amount of lift to all hair types, making it look like you just came from the beach. It’s a light misty spray, which doesn’t leave the hair sticky or crusty. Plus, it smells like coconut, and what’s better than that! Buy Here.

4. N’espresso coffee and macaroon pairings are the perfect mid-afternoon snack, and act as a great way to treat yourself. The Cafe Latte (coffee with steamed milk and cocoa) and caramel macaroon are pictured below.

5. These floral Lita Boots are the perfect pop of spring. They add instant color to any outfit, and add a super cute feminine touch to some hardcore looking shoes!


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