DIY?: Cork Board Clean-up

It is a holiday weekend (which means no work), so I decided to do something fun and productive with my time. This afternoon I fixed up an old, messy cork board which I found tucked away in the corner of my room. It began looking like a heap of notes and old Christmas cards all piles up on each other, and by the end of the process looked much neater. Below is the DIY fix-r-up(r) in pictures below.

… Tada- I covered the cork with magazine clippings, a To Do List, and some notes and things that I love. I hope to continue to add to it but… there it is!


One thought on “DIY?: Cork Board Clean-up

  1. LOVE it so cute
    and jealous that you dont get work over vacation =[
    only thing i disapprove of is the one direction picture…we both know that should be chromeo.

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