Down South

Greetings from the great big state of Texas! My family is in San Antonio this week for a wedding, and I decided to come along for the ride. I’ve never been this far South before, and it’s pretty much just as I pictured it. Every street corner has a BBQ joint, or a Tex-Mex restaurant, and the food here is actually really delicious (if you don’t mind eating a lot of chips and guacamole). The southern influence definitely shows up everywhere you turn.  One of my favorite places that I visited today was the famous San Antonio River Walk. It’s a small river which circles around the heart of the city and is surrounded by lovely hotels, restaurants, and quaint little shops. Of course when I say shops one might think of  a New York boutique, but that’s not what I mean at all. The stores are filled with handmade Mexican-inspired pottery and beads, all hand-painted inside the shop. I managed to snap a few pictures on my phone inside one of the stores, where I went a little crazy by buying out their whole collection of painted skulls.


One thought on “Down South

  1. AH this has to be my favorite post so far
    i LOVE your new cover board thingy it looks soooo good and the pictures you took were fantastic
    hope you’re having fun!!

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