Coachella Confessions with FashionCreature

I met this gal a few years ago, and ever since my life hasn’t been the same. She’s introduced me to different genres of music, showed me her fave bands, and has really immersed me into her great big world of hipster fashion. It seemed fitting to ask her to guest blog about the country’s best music festival, Coachella, since she has some of the best music taste around. So, here goes nothing…
Why hello there, Basis readers. I’m L, (from FashionCreature) and I’m a Coachellaholic. That’s right. It’s a word. Okay, it’s not a word. But I’m obsessed with Coachella so the term seemed fitting. So that’s great right? WRONG. SUPER WRONG. In fact, I’m all the way in New York, moping in a pit of my own despair at the fact that I’m not in California basking in the musical euphoria of Coachella, so my obsession is quite inconvenient.
Thankfully, YouTube understands just how upsetting missing Coachella is, and is broadcasting most of the performances here. So, instead of reading Shakespeare (crossing my fingers that my English teacher doesn’t read The Basis) tonight I’ll be watching, among others, Santigold, Fitz and the Tantrums, Lissie, Real Estate, Justice, The Shins, Bon Iver, and Miike Snow.
Heaven. On. Earth.
Anyway, when I go to Coachella (which will happen since, you know, it’s my life’s purpose and whatever) I’m going all out and channeling the Festival Creature in me. With music festivals, there’s plenty of fashionable possibilities – getting dressed is half the fun! You can go rocker, hipster, flower child, or just wear a bathing suit (yes, people do that. I suppose it makes things easy?) but you gotta have fun with it, and be comfortable. Music festivals, especially ones like Coachella, get super hot. Also, wear a bandana, preferably red… bandanas are important.
Anyway… go crazy, and rage on!
Make sure you check out her blog FashionCreature for more!

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