Lick Your Lips Good: Baked by Butterfield

Doughnuts are an American standard. They’re circular, doughy, and fatty… but not anymore!

Feast your eyes on this baby… a wholesomely, delicious, baked doughnut. Yep, I said baked. Recently a new doughnut shop has opened up on the Upper East Side and it’s certainly worth checking out!

Baked by Butterfield (located on 77th and Lex) bakes their doughnuts instead of deep-frying them. Some perks to baking the doughnuts are that they are actually healthier, turn out a lot crumbier, and manage to be even more delectable than a deeply fried stick of dough. They have cupcake-like texture, and they are such a great way to treat yourself. If you’re not in the mood for a doughnut, the shop also offers artisanal chocolates, and coffee blended right inside the bakery! Go give ’em a try!

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