10 Things To Do With Your Instagram Pics After You Take Them

After you take those snapshots on your favorite phone app, Instagram, what should you do next? Well, lucky for you, there are boatloads of ways you can turn your Instagram pictures into handheld keepsakes that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

1. I recently ordered a mini book of all my pictures from Printstagram. For the small price of $12 they printed all the pictures I wanted into a Minibook. The book’s pictures are printed back to back on hard pages, with a glossy finish. A single, sturdy, wire ring holds the pages together. Below is a picture of my Minibook. Make sure to get yours!

2. Send a postcard – Postagram allows you to write a message and choose one of your pics and send a postcard to someone around the world!

3. Make a Keepsy calendar using many different Instagram pictures for every month. It’s a fun way to personalize the year.

4. Print your pics onto a canvas using CanvasPop. You can now add a personal touch to any room.

5. Create your own magnets using StickyGram. Personalize a boring white fridge into a scrapbook of magnetic memories!

6.  Frame your photos in a minimalist bamboo frame using HatchCraft.

7.  Make a cool collaged iPhone case using Casetagram!

8.  Image Snap will take your photos and print them onto small ceramic tiles that you can use anywhere around the house.

9. Instagoodies will print your pictures into a small book of stickers. Don’t worry you get to choose what pictures you want printed as keepsakes!

10. If you need a great way to spice up a white wall, printing your pictures onto a poster will give it that extra umph! Prinstagram offers many ways to print your pictures, for a very low price!


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