Natalie Interviews Carolina Bermudez

Today I had the good fortune of interviewing Carolina Bermudez, who makes her TV debut on Monday, July 2nd on WLNY with the new show “Live from the Couch” Monday-Friday from 7-9am. Until recently, Carolina was a member of the Elvis Duran Morning Show. I spoke to Carolina about her career, past experiences, and personal style.


You were with the Elvis Duran Morning Show for nearly 10 years – how did you get your start?

I got my start in radio at Y100 in Miami. After I started working, a short time later, Z100 was looking to revamp the morning show so I got an email from the executive producer, flew to New York and met with Elvis. We had instant chemistry and I was offered the job!

Since you did morning drive on the radio and now will be on Morning TV – is that an easy transition or is there TONS to learn?

It’s actually totally different; like night and day. With TV I have to do hair and makeup, be on camera for 2 hours covering different topics such as local and national news but also cover entertainment, fashion segments, wellness segments, fitness, cooking, and more. Morning drive radio is 4 hours long, and nobody ever really saw me. I love the radio experience but I’m very excited about this TV opportunity.

Why TV?

I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in Television. I studied at Arizona State University which had an amazing broadcasting school, The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

I know you just started at WLNY TV 10/55 – when does your show kick off? Are you nervous to be live on air?

Monday July 2nd is the first day live at WLNY! I’ve taken a chance and I’ve always been a dreamer and encouraged others to follow their dreams, so why wouldn’t I want to follow mine? I tell others to focus on what they want to do and I’m also doing exactly that. I feel so fortunate that I’m being given this amazing chance!

Do you ever get nervous before a shoot or before interviewing a BIG artist?

All the time. I think it’s unrealistic to never get nervous; If you’re nervous you care. I try to switch the energy around and make being nervous a good thing. It keeps me sharp and on my toes.

What’s the most memorable red carpet event that you’ve attended?

The MTV VMA’S were always memorable because you never knew who was going to come through and what they’d be wearing. Many of the celebrities would show up tipsy. The whole show is so unexpected, crazy and fun!

What is your fashion style?

You know, I have different styles. My style is mostly based on my mood. However, in one phrase I would describe it as comfortably polished and put together. I don’t wear every trend; I know what looks good on me and I pay attention to my body type and what will look best on my figure. I really like to focus on what it is that makes me look and feel good at the same time.

Who are your favorite designers?

OMG I have so many! I always love wearing classics like DVF, BCBG, Shoshanna and others that are in heavy rotation in my closet. Lately, I love wearing Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney is phenomenal too! You can always see me wearing Ali Ro- like at LEAST once a week, their stuff just fits me so well and is so stylish. Another one of my favorites is Rolando Santano. His dresses for daytime/work are so awesome. He is a really such an exciting designer. But then, you will see me wearing stuff from J.Crew, H&M, Zara, I really love to mix it up and love playing with different designers to create a whole new look!

Speaking of transitions, what is a typical outfit for you that can move from morning, to night?

Well, right now since it is summer, I think a great day look is a pair of shorts, a fun tank and a cute pair of flat sandals. By adding a blazer, switching up the shoes to a great pair of wedges and adding some great accessories with a clutch- you’re good to go. Another great transition is a strapless dress with a cardigan over it, all you have to do at night is remove the cardigan and you’re set! For accessories, a chunky necklace goes great any time of the day.

What trends do you think women will want in the fall?

Peplum is still huge. I also noticed that people are using a lot of different leather and leather textures in dresses, skirts, pants, everywhere. There is also a huge 1920’s influence with current designers, the whole lace and flowered dresses with booties thing- definitely not my style but I’ve seen others wear it well. I think tweed will be a huge fall trend. In fact, I just got a great tweet skirt from Barney’s over the weekend that I’m sure you’ll see on me quite a bit!


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