The Catalpa Festival: A Summary

On Saturday afternoon I attended the first ever Catalpa Festival, a two day music festival rocking Randalls Island with multiple music acts spanning across many different genres. However, Catalpa was no ordinary festival, as it provided concert go-ers with a variety of gourmet foods such as falafel, Crumbs cupcakes, brick oven pizza, and even a fresh farmers market on site! Like all music festivals, there were tents set up with small things to buy and little things to do. There was a Got2B tent, where you could get your hair done for free! Yes, I said free. The main hit of the festival (besides the three giant stages roaring with music, lights, and cheering) was the Silent Disco. The Silent Disco provided listeners with headphones and allowed them to experience something truly unforgettable. The whole crowd was dancing, screaming, and singing at the top of their lungs with nothing more than earphones spilling music into their ears.

Overall, the Catalpa Festival was a success and I cannot wait to return next year!

the main stage

IMG_5147 IMG_5149

The Black Keys performing


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