DIY: Studded Sneakers

Yesterday I took a short trip down to M&J Trimming for a little DIY excursion. The walls were filled with ribbons, tassels, rhinestones, and trims; it’s a complete DIY paradise. I made my way to the aisle where studs were located and purchased 7 packages of different colored gunmetal, bronze, and silver studs for 4$ a package.

Deciding what to stud first took quite a long time, but I decided on a pair of black high tops. The whole studding process was rather short and at the end, the results were very pleasing.  I can’t wait to wear my new and improved sneakers with leggings and flannel shirts in the fall! Follow the steps below for your very own pair of studded sneakers:

1. Buy metal studs with spiked prongs on the back

2. Poke the prongs through the sneaker and form into place

3. Use a flat-headed screw driver to fold prongs over and to secure the stud into place

4. Continue doing so with as many studs as desired and voila!


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