DVF [through glass]

Last night I attended a lecture at the 92nd Street Y with Diane Von Furstenburg. The interview was led by Fern Mallis, a fashion visionary and creator/organizer of New York Fashion Week. The interview touched upon topics of Diane’s early childhood, adult life, love life, and full fashion career. Her life has been an inspiration, as she has come from so little and managed to build a multi-million dollar brand name for herself. She is a symbol of  independence for woman, and brand name known worldwide. The lecture was enlightening, as Diane showed the audience how to properly tie her famous “wrap dress.”

One of the key topics of the evening had to do with DVF’s Spring 2013 fashion show last week. Each model was seen wearing a funky pair of glass designed by Google+ with a small camera on the top right eyelid. This camera would film the fashion show from a multitude of different perspectives.

Below is the video by Google+ and DVF, which was released today. It’s pretty darn cool to see the show from the model’s, make-up artist’s, photographer’s, and even Diane’s two eyes Make sure you check it out below!


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