Touring the Teen Vogue Offices

It has always been a dream of mine to work at a magazine. The thought of going to work each morning to pick out clothes for shoots and lay out spreads literally sounds too good to be true. Yesterday, during one of my  TVFU classes, I decided to take a quick trip up to the 9th floor (aka Teen Vogue offices) to see if they had any more open spaces for the “office tour.” This was one of my top choice classes, however it was also one of the first to fill up when registration opened. When I “snuck” upstairs, they told me the tour had one spot left and I could take it; I think I must have fainted. The tour was a walk through of the offices, closets, and workspaces of everyone who’s anyone that works there (who is basically every single person.) Below is a modified “virtual walk through” of the offices.

We began the tour by walking down a long hallway with racks of clothes that will be used in upcoming Teen Vogue fashion shoots.

At the end of the hallway there were stacks of books piled on top of each other with different cities and locations labeled on them. These books were filled with places to have fashion shoots at an array of cities around the world.

This is the room where the magazine comes to life. The pages are laid out on glass tables and put into place for print.

As we exited the layout room and turned the corner, we made our way down another long hallway. This hallway was aligned with different offices. The first office we came to had rack of denim for an upcoming “Denim on Denim” shoot for the February issue.

The next office had walls upon walls of pictures of different models. Teen Vogue takes pictures of every model that they are considering for an upcoming shoot or any model they see on a go-see (my America’s Next Top Model vocabulary is finally becoming handy!)

The third office belonged to the Accessories Director. It was filled with black plates with hundreds of cool bracelets, necklaces, hats, rings, scarves, and everything needed to spruce up an outfit. (Fun fact: the plates are black to make the jewelry pop!)

Then, as we walked past many other offices and neared the end, I thought that I had seen my share of Teen Vogue, until I was confronted with so much more. The gates to heaven opened up as the tour guide twisted the metal handle on the white-painted door marked “closet” in black Times New Roman font. Yes, below is just a small corner of the giant Teen Vogue closet. Soak up as much of its awesomeness as you possibly can. 

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