Throughout the years we’ve seen Barbie dressed in many different fashions and play many different roles, but we’ve never seen her quite like this.  A few hairdressers from the British salon “BLEACH” have combined with Barbie and taken to the web to post pictures of their take on Barbie’s hair. They recently launched a tumblr to share these pictures with the world ( Barbie is wearing punk clothes, with extreme colors in her hair, and insanely cool updos.

The head hair stylist Alex Brownsell, co-founder of BLEACH, spoke to Dazed Magazine about the collection. He said, “To create the looks for Barbie we basically just used everything we could – dye, marker pens, glitter, nail polish, bits of fabric, stickers, even crisp packets. We have had a few disasters whilst trying things out on Barbie’s hair – someone melted her hair off in the crimper forgetting it was synthetic, and we have also ended up with one having bright blue skin. All the Barbies have taken inspiration from real clients and people that we know (not telling any names).” Oh, how juicy!

Want to know the coolest part?  Now you can achieve this look by using Barbie Design Printables with the help of an inkjet printer. You can print different designs onto extensions and then clip them into your or Barbie’s hair.  Each set comes with 16 adult hair extensions and another 6 for Barbie. You also get a Barbie Design Printables doll. Since we all can’t be as fabulous as Alex Brownsell and BLEACH, I guess we will have to settle for this as of now.

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