Regarding Warhol- A Collection of Pop Art Perfection

This weekend I went to the Regarding Warhol show at the Met. It was a great collection of Warhol’s work mixed with his influences on other artists. The show, full of Campbell Soup Cans and Brillo Boxes galore, is an exciting mixture of color and pop! Make sure you check it out before it closes on December 31st.
NARS Cosmetics recently released their latest collection, inspired by Andy Warhol himself. The makeup is full of bright orange lipsticks, colorful nail polishes, and blushes with Andy Warhol’s face on them. Each cosmetic comes in an awesome Warhol makeup bag.  Check out the collection below!
warhol nars

Inspired to add a little pop art to your wardrobe? The pieces below should do the trick!

pop art
Moschino Cheap & Chic pink dress, $620 / Marni / Marni / Kate Spade / Marni / Lulu Guinness silver clutch / Solange Azagury-Partridge sterling silver ring / Helene Jewelry stacking bangle / Oliver Peoples / Red lipstick / Bond No. 9 bond no 9, $345 / POP nail polish, $21 / Poster Revolution (24×40) Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup I Tomato 1968… / Retro Vintage Pop Art Throw Pillows / INCASE Warhol Snap Case, $58

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