DIY Crayon Artwork

If you are in need of some colorful wall decor, look no further than right here. This easy piece of artwork adds an instant rainbow splash to that bland white wall. The only materials you will need are 2 packages of crayons, glue, a blow-dryer,  and a clean, white canvas. I recommend that you use Crayola crayons, as the generic brand do not work as well. (Note: I made two artworks: one with Crayola crayons and one with generic.) Glue the crayons onto the canvas and wait for the glue to harden. Once the crayons are firm in their place, begin to blow-dry them. The process of melting the crayons is very simple and only requires small amounts of heat from the blow-dryer. Once the wax has melted on the canvas you have made a beautiful new addition to your in-home art collection. The best part is… it’s homemade!


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