Film: The Prehistoric Age… Now?


Canon AE-1

Yesterday, I traveled down to B&H Photo to buy myself a film camera. I had made the decision that I wanted a film camera quite a while ago, but never actually thought I would buy one. There is something much more elegant about a film camera’s photo rather than a digital’s. Maybe it’s the whole process of winding the film, and getting it developed. Or it could be how the photograph is more work to achieve, but more your own creation. There is a higher self-satisfaction with film, as it is more an art, than a digital camera. With digital, anyone can point the camera, click the button and snap a picture, but with film you need to wind, adjust, and repeat. With all that said, I am eager to learn how to properly use the camera, and even more excited for it’s results. I’ll be sure to post a few of my film pictures when they are fully developed.

In the meantime, I highly encourage you all to go test out a film camera. Whether it be a disposable (it’s a stepping stone), a Holga, or Polaroid, it’s a great way to begin to learn!


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