92Y Fashion Icons: Marc Jacobs

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 10.42.49 PM

photo: Time.com

Tonight, I put the hours upon hours of homework aside, and went to the 92 street Y to see the great Fern Mallis interview one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs. This was one of many interviews in the “Fashion Icons” series which consists of Polly Mellen, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many other influential people in the fashion world.

The interview began by talking about Marc Jacobs’ childhood, and the death of his father when he was only 7 years old. He explained the struggle he faced by moving around to many different places with his mother, and how his grandmother had a large influence on his life. He reminisced about his adolescence and how he attended the Parsons school; among his other classmates were Tracy Reese and Isaac Mizrahi.

Fern then transferred conversation to discussing Marc Jacobs’ life as a designer. Jacobs went through his early collections (’90’s grunge, etc), sharing them with the audience, and then went into discussing his leadership role with Louis Vuitton. Jacobs described his love of art and the importance of making his collection art as well. What I understood is that he wants the clothes that people buy in the store to mean as much as a painting one would hang on the wall, equally artistic. Then, he went into describing his large art collection, filled with Warhol pop-art, and then shared his desire to obtain a Cindy Sherman piece in the future. He also discussed how his inspiration for Marc Jacob’s popular perfume, Daisy, came from a mixture of his dog (named Daisy), and the main character in The Great Gatsby (his favorite author/book). Along the way he pointed out some of his 33 tattoos to the audience, shared a few things on his bucket list, and told personal stories involving his life/career.

Something that struck me was when Fern Mallis asked, “When did you know that you made it in the fashion world?” Marc Jacobs’s response was something like,  “I still haven’t made it.”

Overall, Marc Jacobs is an incredible designer who has well-deserved success, and is very respected in the industry.

To see Marc Jacobs magic in motion, watch the video below (of his most recent runway show) in which models enter the runway on escalators… yes, escalators. Watch below!


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