Artist Spotlight: Die Antwoord

Yes, my friends, I realize this comes almost directly after my previous Artist Spotlight posting, but I thought it was extremely necessary. I found this band over the summer, and was immediately intrigued; the importance of doing this post was urgent.

Die Antwoord is probably one of the strangest bands you will EVER set your eyes on. They are a South African rap-rave group, made up of two extraordinary people. The band went viral in 2010, and spent the year touring all across the USA and Europe, gaining a large fan base. Though there are still those who don’t know of Die Antwoord, there videos have gained a lot of attention and caused quite a lot of controversy. [note: almost all their music videos contain curse words]

In one of there most controversial videos, “Fatty Boom Boom”, Yolandi (the girl of the band) dresses in black face. The video is set to poke fun at the stereotypes of Africa by showing it from a tourist perspective. It just so happens that the “tourist” is supposed to be Lady Gaga, as the character dresses head to toe in meat then finds herself getting eaten by lions at the end.

My favorite Die Antwoord video is probably “I Fink U Freeky” because of the extra-terrestrial sort of theme it has. It is just so strange that it’s good, you know what I mean? The video is incredibly artistic, and very creepy all at the same time.

Although Die Antwoord is not something I would listen to on an every day basis, they are so different from pop-music in America that I thought they deserved a bit of attention. Don’t ya think?

For more Die Antwoord music/videos check out their youtube page or website.


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