5 Videos You Should Watch Now

It’s been 6 years since teen pop sensation Justin Bieber posted his first video on his Youtube channel, Kidrauhl. With 4 albums, and 5th one coming out this week,  Justin decided to post this video on the same Youtube channel which he first gained recognition from.

During the Inauguration, Beyonce graced us with her rendition of the National Anthem. One day after the video was posted on the world-wide web it came out that Bey lip-synched the whole thing. What do you think?

A very interesting interview between Lance Armstrong and Oprah took place last week. Lance told Oprah that there were no lines which she couldn’t cross. He admitted to using performance enhancing drugs in all 7 Tour de France victories, and then later went on into details why.

Wish you were at the Sundance Film Festival but couldn’t get in? That doesn’t mean that you have to miss out; Youtube has posted some shorts that are currently being screened at the 2013 Festival online!

The No Pants Subway Ride is an event that takes place every year in 60 cities and 25 countries around the world. Tens of thousands of people gather together to ride the subways without pants! While going about my day in NYC, I must admit to seeing a couple of people lacking bottoms; it was not a pretty sight. Anyway, below is the 2013 recap video!


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