Faces Of NYFW

I have been so busy this past week with hours upon hours of homework and packing for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam that I’ve barely been able to appreciate NYFW. Considering that the shows are all happening a few blocks away from my apartment, I feel obliged to take more time out of my day to acknowledge the importance of these shows. While searching up some pictures of today’s runway shows, I came across the best website ever.

PREPARE YOURSELF: Can cause intense procrastination.

The website is called Faces Of NYFW and provides an insane collection of pictures ranging from the people who attend the shows or walk in them, to a look backstage and on the streets! The website showcases a beautiful collection of pictures of New York’s most glamourous event from all different types of people. Maybe it’s the black and white images that turn to color as you scroll over them, or the way that the site has live-updates, but either way, it’s addicting!

Want to know the best part…

Anyone can submit their picture to the website by adding the tag #FONYFW, #NYFW or #MBFW to their Tweet, Instagram, Tumblr or Viddy post. Your picture will then be viewed and approved and… voila!

So I urge you to check out the website here, and maybe submit a picture or two; it’s worth a shot!


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