My Return From Amsterdam: Pictures

I just returned from an incredible trip to Amsterdam; It was an outstanding experience in which I (along with the group I went with) accomplished so much in just a short 5 days.

The trip was a mixture between exploring the fine art Amsterdam has to offer, to totally immersing ourselves in the city. Highlights from the trip included a visit to the Van Gogh & Rijks Museum, a boat tour of the canals, visiting the Red Light District, and a tour of the Rembrandt House…  just to name a few.

My favorite part of the trip was having the opportunity  to visit the small markets that lined many of the side streets. They sold everything from vintage graphic t-shirts to mini pancakes. (Note: If you go to Amsterdam it is necessary that you try their pancakes; they are to die for.)

Check out my pictures below from my fascinating trip and let me know what you think. More pictures here.

64340032 64340033 64340029 64330025 64330020 64340017 64310024 64310027 64320026 64330033 64330034 64310010 64330017 64320025 64320020 64320007 64310001 64330032 64330030


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