Pictures from Iceland

I just got back from an INSANE vacation to Reykjavik, Iceland. Most people don’t even know where Iceland is, and those who do think its covered by ice and deserted. But no, rest assured it is actually quite the hopping scene. The town of Reykjavik is full of really sweet people selling cute wool sweaters. Yes, a stereotype, yet still slightly true. Overall, everyone was just so happy and went about their day with big smiles on their face.

In addition to the wonderful people, the town has a bunch of  incredible restaurants serving up all kinds of interesting things. I got the opportunity to try shark, and let me tell you it is absolutely gross (but I’m still glad I can say I tried it.) They also have a lot of lamb dishes; I must’ve had lamb 6 times while I was there! And of course, they have salmon and herring galore.

And finally, Iceland is so beautiful in so many ways that it’s practically indescribable. One day, we took a bus tour to all the major natural wonders and they were all simply breathtaking. My favorite was Gullfoss, the enormous waterfall in the middle of the glaciers. I highly recommend everyone takes a trip to Iceland, as it is so vastly different from anything the USA has to offer while being a short 5 hours away! In the mean time, check out my pictures below!
90440007 90460002 90440003 90450015 90460008 90450002 90450022 90460017

All photos taken on a Pentax k1000: Film

More photos HERE!


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