Coachella Festival: What to Wear?

Coachella is such a dream of mine. Jamming out with all your closest friends, listening to awesome music, whilst being in such a beautiful location is truly too good to be true; I plan on going many, many times throughout my life.
If you are lucky enough to be going this year, you must make sure you have a super cool outfit ( and know that I’m insanely jealous of all of you). The UK brand River Island has a really nice assortment of clothing that would be perfect for the Coachella festival. Their new Western collection perfectly embodies Coachella in a few key pieces while their new collab with Rihanna adds a cool edge. They also have some amazing flower crowns for a pretty good price; flower crowns are mandatory at Coachella. Check out some of the cool River Island pieces below.
River Island Clothing:coachella by river island
River Island fringe tank, $54 / River Island cap sleeve top, $24 / River Island pink top, $38 / River Island boho top, $54 / River Island coral top, $31 / River Island black top, $69 / River Island fringe vest, $185 / River Island jumpsuits and romper, $92 / River Island floral print skirt, $34 / River Island short mini skirt, $38 / River Island short mini skirt, $34 / River Island black leather shorts, $23 / River Island black jean shorts, $54 / River Island acid wash shorts, $38 / River Island polka dot bikini, $28 / River Island triangle bikini, $18 / River Island , $7.65 / River Island purple hair accessory, $9.19 / River Island leather hair accessory, $7.65 / River Island Girls cream Western studded t-shirt, $18 / River Island Purple marl embroidered dress, $34 / River Island Cream floral bun top hair garland, $9.19
Now that you have your perfect Coachella outfit, you are in need of some serious accessories. Asos (one of my absolute favorite websites) has some really great circle sunglasses, messenger bags, and some seriously cool sandals. Check them out below!
Asos Accessories:
asos festival
I hope I’ve helped in planning your perfect Coachella outfit, and I hope all of you going to the festival that are reading this post have the most incredible time ever. Remember to wear sunscreen, drink water, and have the best time!

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