Spectacle: The Music Video

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If you haven’t been to the Museum of the Moving Image’s new exhibit Spectacle: The Music Video then you really need to go ASAP. The museum, just a short subway ride away, is one of my favorites as it combines all aspects of film in a fabulous manner. Their new exhibit celebrates the art and history behind the music video as it takes you into a blast to the past. With over 300 different music videos being shown, it’s nearly impossible to feel like you’ve “seen it all.” With video ranging from Kanye West to David Bowie, and  The Rolling Stones to Radiohead, this exhibit truly and fully delivers the total music video appreciation package.

Along with the exhibit, the museum is showing a bunch of different films in their downstairs theatre, which all revolve around music. Some past movies they have shown include A Hard Days Night, Quadrophenia, and the Rolling Stone’s Gimme Shelter. For the full list of films click here.

The exhibit is an overall wonderful experience and well worth adding to your lists of places to visit. Spectacle: The Music Video is open until June 16th.


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