A Super Summary of the Firefly Music Festival

IMG_3889This past weekend, two friends and I drove down to Dover, Delaware to attend the Firefly Music Festival. We only went to the 3-day festival for two days (Saturday and Sunday), but it certainly created memories which will last a lifetime. When we arrived at the festival on Day 1, we were clueless about how big the festival grounds actually were going to be. After parking the car, we began the nearly 15 block walk from the parking lot, over the highway, through the campgrounds, to the festival gates. People who camped at the festival were lined up all along the highway, which made us glad we chose not to. IMG_4118

After the long walk we had FINALLY arrived, wahoo! With over 70 bands playing on 9 stages and 87 acres of land, there was quite a lot of land to be covered. I’ll start with the food. Between both days, the food at the festival was absolutely incredible. Between chicken teriyaki soba noodles and fresh slices of watermelon, or homemade lemon ice’s and fresh salads the food was insane. They had a Brewery and Vineyard and even a Coffeehouse. The Coffeehouse served up every type of coffee drink imaginable ranging from frappuccinos to frozen hot chocolate. It also had a small stage where less known bands were playing while people chilled in the beanbag chairs.IMG_4125

The Firefly Festival also had a few really cool activities. Large umbrellas hung above all the pathways with tiny strung lights to help direct people. It was such a nice little touch which looked so pretty at night. My favorite activity at Firefly was the “hammock hangout,” where about 100 hammocks were strung from tree to tree. In a separate part of the festival, they also had a “cinema” where about every 20 hammocks had a large tv screen playing old black and white movies infront of it. Then finally, the festival also had a silent disco… these are so fun. They are pretty popular among festivals nowadays, but this one was unlike any i’ve ever seen before; it was in a giant empty space in the middle of the woods. IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_4142 IMG_3902

BUT OFCOURSE… no music festival would be complete without the mind boggling music, and that is just what Firefly had. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tom Petty, MGMT, Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, Zedd, Matt and Kim, and many others all rocked the festival so hard. Although those are just a selected few of the bands I saw, they are also my favorite. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers made the crowd go wild as every bro in the crowd held hands and belted out Free Falling. Vampire Weekend dazzled as they played new hits like Diane Young, and Step, and then all their old hits like A-Punk, Holiday, etc. Matt and Kim teased the audience as Kim took off her bra and played the drums in a see-through black shirt and then she urged girls in the crowd to join her. MGMT played with colorful lights and backdrops, but disappointed as they didn’t sing Kids at all. Zedd was electrifying. Passion Pit’s lead singer lost his voice so he ran into the crowd to sing Sleepyhead; it was exhilarating. I think you get the point. Overall, the Firefly Festival was by far the best music festival I have ever been to. Every person there was there for one reason, to enjoy the music and have a good time, and that is exactly what the festival was, a very good time. IMG_4138 IMG_4135 IMG_3930 IMG_3926 IMG_3848IMG_3893Now, please enjoy this awesome Firefly playlist!

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