Color Me Rad 5k

This past Sunday I took part in the Color Me Rad 5k Run at Met Life Stadium. The run benefitted the Ronald McDonald House and was loads of fun the whole way through. At the starting line, loud speakers blasted techno music as people threw around their color packages given to them at check in. As the run began, there were different stations spread throughout the track, each which was in charge of covering runners in that specific color. At the finish line there were endless amounts of powder packages which runners could throw around and do with what they pleased. By the end of the day, everyone was head-to-toe rainbow and had big smiles on their faces.  No one ever wanted to leave. Overall, it was a really great event and unlike any exercise I’ve ever done before.

Check out my pictures below or on my flick account here.002_24A 024_2A 013_13A 018_8A

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