My Closet: Liora Fishman

This post was written for a new section of the basis nyc called My Closet. My Closet explores different peoples closets as they show off their favorite pieces and then share why. Kicking off the My Closet section is a post by Liora Fishman. xx.


Somehow, my closet has become this thing that’s got a life of its own. Really, it seems to grow and accumulate more and more stuff as the years go by despite my frequent attempts to purge my closet of all the unworn, tag-bearing wedge sneakers (if that’s not a fashion faux-pas, what is?) and tacky Forever 21 rompers that haunt my closet. You could look at the whole “my closet is bigger than my house thing” and think “Wow, she’s like a modern-day, young Carrie Bradshaw!” or you could identify the jarring resemblance of my closet with an episode of Hoarders. I’d like to go with the former.IMG_8108

Anyway, it’s not all unworn trash in there. Just most of it. Between the ill-advised (I’m not pointing any fingers, just raising my eyebrows accusingly at my sister) purchases, there are some pieces that will travel with me anywhere, and that I’d wear anytime. These pieces are an integral part of my fashion sense. Seriously, I’d never throw this stuff out…but I’m not a hoarder. Not even a little bit.

  • I’m a little in love with this skirt. Made by one of my favorite designer brands, Helmut Lang, the asymmetric skirt has a surprise patch of leather that falls mid-thigh, making the unassuming piece a statement. The minimalist nature of the skirt (and the brand) allows it to flow seamlessly into any event: I wore it to school with a beat-up baseball jersey and combat boots, then to a party with a light, long-sleeve black knit and red lipstick.IMG_8091
  • Before my days as a self-proclaimed minimalist who only wears one pattern at a time, I was drooling over the opulence of Dolce and Gabbanna in the form of this skirt. I picked it out of a sweltering pile of clothes at a high-end consignment shop in eighth grade and never looked back. It was my first, and one of my only, high-fashion pieces, and I treasure it like any normal person might treasure their first love. The issue: I never deem an occasion special enough to wear it! I’d never grace school in that beauty of a skirt, and if I wore it to a party, what if I spilt a drink, or worse – smeared hummus on it? Nevertheless, a piece like this requires a timid sort of top, so the few times I’ve worn it, it’s been with a black, loose spaghetti strap top and ballet-pink flats. IMG_8095
  • Another thrift-shop discovery – though of much less value (I grabbed it at Goodwill for 5 dollars) – this corduroy dress falls right above the ankles and screams “sexy librarian.” No it doesn’t. It just screams “librarian.” But I really don’t think there’s any other way to wear a corduroy dress. Anyway, I prefer to wear this one to school, early fall, late summer, with a jean jacket and cream colored high-top Converse. Or sometimes, if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll throw a sweater over it and pair it with tan ballet flats. IMG_8099
  • DROP CROTCH PAJAMA PANTS ARE MY LIFE. Seriously, I got these at Uniqlo with Natalie, and they’ve become such an integral part of my life that I really don’t know how I ever lived without them. Still apprehensive about buying them? Let’s consider these benefits: For some reason, this amazing style has become trendy. It’s about time really, but the more important thing is that they are so comfy. So while everyone is showering you with compliments in regards to those lovely pants, you’re about to fall asleep, or do yoga, or run a marathon in them. Or just look really hip in a coffee shop. I’m serious. You could do all of these in those pants and no one would question it. Tuck them into combat boots or wear it with your middle-school graduation shirt to sleep. Seriously, you can do whatever in them. Just buy them.  IMG_8104
  • My most exciting purchase at H&M yet (I don’t love that store), this jacket actually, astoundingly, keeps me warm. Plus, it went in accordance to one of my favorite trends of this past fall – the “leather sleeves paired with random fabric” trend. The tweed is a neutral black/grey/white mixture, offsetting the busyness of the pattern, allowing to be paired with anything and making even the most boring outfits a little more exciting. Plus, the jacket is cut like a motorcycle jacket, which makes me look really edgy. Cause I’m really edgy. Right? Right? No, really, I’m edgy. I swear. IMG_8112







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