This Is Us: Movie Premiere

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 12.14.51 AM

This past Monday I got to go to see the This Is Us: One Direction movie premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th street. It was a celebrity packed premiere with A-listers like Hailey Baldwin, Perez Hilton, and One Direction in the flesh strutting the red carpet. The movie itself was pretty good too. It starts by going over how the band was formed and then goes into the fans and their tour. My favorite parts were the shirtless scenes of Harry, of course (he’s my favorite). I mean there was the occasional cheesy staged scene where all the guys gathered around the campfire to discuss what they saw for themselves in the future, but overall the whole movie was just good, clean fun.  The audience seemed pretty happy too, singing to their songs, and screaming out “I LOVE YOU” throughout the movie (probably because the boys of One Direction were in the theatre watching it with us.)

Anyway I give This Is Us 4/5 stars, probably because I am a fan of One Direction’s music and maybe just because they are so darn cute, but either way it’s a big thumbs up from moi!

This Is Us is in theaters now so make sure you go see it!

*bring ear plugs if you can’t stand the sound of screaming teenage girls*

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