Hi Guys!
It’s been a while! For the past week or so NYC has been SO insane with Fashion Week and everything that goes along with the different shows. Although I was not invited to any shows (sad face) one day I will be, so don’t worry. Anyway, I figured since I wasn’t cool enough to be inside the tents, I’d stand outside of them, so I spent two days this past weekend taking photographs out by Lincoln Center and the Mercedes-Benz tent. It was pretty insane, and I got a lot of really incredible pictures while spotting many well-dressed people.

On Sunday, I went downtown to 26th street and stood outside of the DKNY show. This was probably the best decision I could have ever made, because it made for an unforgettable experience. The way that the show was set up, the tents were on the sidewalk and the runway led into a giant open-air garage, which spectators on the street could look into. I stood just on the outside of the tent and took some great photos of the event and had some really cool celeb spottings. While waiting outside I saw Eva Chen, Kelly Osbourne, Bella Thorne, BryanBoy, Amy Astley, Karlie Kloss (I died a little bit inside), and even one of my biggest fashion inspirations… Rita Ora! But out of everybody I saw outside the show, no one compared to Bill Cunningham, who I saw in his blue, zip-up, fleece jacket taking street style pictures before taking his seat in the show. While still in shock from being within a few feet of Bill, I tried to maintain my cool while watching the show from behind the scenes! I normally am pretty indifferent about DKNY’s clothing, but for this show they REALLY stepped up the game. Maybe it was the fact that Karlie Kloss looked awesssooommmeee in everything she put on, or maybe I was just in shock that I was actually watching a DKNY show as it was happening (aka- not on my computer), but either way the clothes were really wearable, fun, and blew me away.

So there you have it… a pretty complete wrap up of my NYFW adventures!  If you want to see more, VIEW MY PICTURES HERE! 


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