Disclosure at Terminal 5

Last night, I went to see the English electronic-music duo Disclosure at Terminal 5. I only found out about the pair last year, but since then I have listened to their songs nonstop. The thing I love most about them is that although they are an electronic group, it all seems very real. With the new fame that comes along with dance music, most DJs just press play on a CD and will get paid thousands to do it. Disclosure creates all the beats themselves. They still play along to a track, but it all seems very organic.

It was also my first time at Terminal 5 and I must say, it was such as a great venue to see a concert in! Where most music venues make you enter from the back of the room, Terminal 5 has you enter at the side. This worked out really well, because we were able to get super close!
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.48.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.48.33 PM

If you are intrigued by this post and want to listen to some Disclosure, I recommend the songs below:

  • Latch
  • When a Fire Starts to Burn
  • Help Me Lose My Mind
  • F for You


One thought on “Disclosure at Terminal 5

  1. I’m like you … I discovered them last summer and I’ve been playing the CD every other day. The first song I heard was Latch, and I fell in love. I literally listened that that song 70 times in one day – for real, no exaggeration! I saw them in Toronto last week Tuesday and the concert was amazing. From things I’ve seen on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the NYC concerts were off the hook!! (Do people still use that expression anymore??)

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