Spring Break and the Very Important Contents of a Beach Bag

Today is my first official day of Spring break and I could not be more relieved! Being a second semester senior has not exactly been all that it is cracked up to be; this past week alone I had 3 exams! Spring break could not come at a more perfect time. My family and I are going to New Mexico and Arizona for 10 days the second week of break and I can’t wait. I’ve been teased by the nice weather in NYC this past week, and am so pumped to go out west for some sun and relaxation! Here’s what I’ll be packing in my pool bag to tackle the sun… Beach Bag: Spring Break
Bag: Hermes. Water: Bobble. Towel: The Beverly Hills Hotel. Lip Balm: Eos. Flip Flops: Havianas. Phone Battery: Mophie. Candy: Haribo. Sunglasses: Topshop. Hair Tie: Splendid. Apple: Nature. Sea Mist: Urban. Evian Mist: Rickys. Vogue: Magazine Stand. Suntan Lotion: Rickys. Scarf: Hermes. 

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