4 TV Shows to Start Now

I am a lover of a good TV show. Here are 4 of my favorites and ones you should start ASAP!

If you love fantasy: start watching Game of Thrones.
The 4th season just finished airing and I am totally hooked.
My Rating: 4/5
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.56.47 PM If you love crime, drugs, and appreciate good acting: start watching Breaking Bad.
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are phenomenal actors.
My Rating: 5/5. The best show ever. It is so easy to appreciate its greatness.
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.53.57 PM If you like to laugh: start watching Arrested Development.
This is such funny show. It’s the type of show I can turn off for 3 months and then come back to it and still find it enjoyable.
My Rating: 3/5
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.59.32 PM If you like scary movies: start watching American Horror Story.
I started this show 3 weeks ago, and I am already 2 seasons deep. Each season has a different story, but uses the same actors/actresses. It is so entertaining and super creepy!
My Rating: 4/5
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.55.46 PM
Unless you’ve seen all 4 of these, I believe you have some TV shows to go watch. For now, let me know which is your favorite by taking the poll below.


James Franco // Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a series of short stories by James Franco about his growing up as a teenager in his hometown. Recently, he combined with newcomer Gia Coppola to turn the book into a film. I got to go to a screening of the movie the other night, where following the film, James Franco himself did a Q&A.

The movie started at 9:50 and was playing at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Around 11:45, James Franco came in and answered some of the audiences questions. He covered questions ranging from “How did you hometown of Palo Alto help to shape your life,” to “Why did you choose Gia to direct the film?” With each question, James gave a nice lengthy answer that made it very clear he loves to hear himself talk. Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.50.23 AM Overall, the movie was pretty good. The movie’s plot seemed a tad forced, which was understandable since it was based off of short stories that then had to come together to make 1 cohesive film. The shots were nice, but the plot was pretty average; There were the rebels that don’t fit in, the creepy teachers, the weak girls, the asshole guys. Palo Alto is a movie about high school kids stumbling into their own adulthood and all the mistakes they make along the way.
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.50.11 AMTo find a theatre playing Palo Alto near you, click here.


An Instagram Short Film

Wow, this is so awesome… Filmmaker Thomas Jullien recently released this really cool video on Vimeo which shows how connected the world really is through pictures. It starts in Paris, then shoots to all the famous landmarks around the world in Berlin, Sydney, and even NYC. The coolest part is that the short movie is made using 852 stranger’s Instagram photos. This video shows how everyone believes they are so unique, yet we are all just simply unoriginal.

This Is Us: Movie Premiere

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 12.14.51 AM

This past Monday I got to go to see the This Is Us: One Direction movie premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th street. It was a celebrity packed premiere with A-listers like Hailey Baldwin, Perez Hilton, and One Direction in the flesh strutting the red carpet. The movie itself was pretty good too. It starts by going over how the band was formed and then goes into the fans and their tour. My favorite parts were the shirtless scenes of Harry, of course (he’s my favorite). I mean there was the occasional cheesy staged scene where all the guys gathered around the campfire to discuss what they saw for themselves in the future, but overall the whole movie was just good, clean fun.  The audience seemed pretty happy too, singing to their songs, and screaming out “I LOVE YOU” throughout the movie (probably because the boys of One Direction were in the theatre watching it with us.)

Anyway I give This Is Us 4/5 stars, probably because I am a fan of One Direction’s music and maybe just because they are so darn cute, but either way it’s a big thumbs up from moi!

This Is Us is in theaters now so make sure you go see it!

*bring ear plugs if you can’t stand the sound of screaming teenage girls*

Tennessee Road Trip: Photo Diary

Howdy Y’all! All of my photos from my recent trip to Nashville and Memphis are finally done. I only brought my film camera along with me, which is why this post is so delayed. I was in Tennessee for a full week and had a lot of time to explore all that the state has to offer. From Nashville’s rich country music core (which really has influence on every block), to Memphis’ historic past, I learned to truly understand what makes this state SO desirable.

Nashville was a very exciting city to visit. On the main street there were at least 40 bars, all trying to play louder live country music than their competitors. There were plenty of places to buy cowboy boots as well. One store boasted about how if you buy 1 pair of boots, you get 2 free… not too bad!

77440028Right off the main street stood the Johnny Cash Museum. We didn’t see this little gem until our last day in Nashville, but I am so glad we did. It had a whole bunch of memorabilia and some crazy outfits Cash wore throughout his career.

77440011Near the Vanderbilt campus was this really cool town full of amazing places to eat. Along the campus was also large park, where Nashville’s Parthenon stood, a recreation of the Parthenon in scale size! For a small price, you can go inside and walk around; There is a giant statue of Athena and not gonna lie, it’s pretty creepy.

76680004 77440036The Country Music Hall of Fame was a must-see on my whole family’s list of things to do in Nashville. It was a really good timeline of country music’s past and present. It included everything from Reba’s boots, to Loretta Lynn’s dresses. It had Taylor Swift’s crystallized guitar, Brad Paisley’s cowboy hat, and even a lot of Dolly Parton’s old outfits. It didn’t get boring at any point!

76680017Finally, my favorite part of Nashville was going to Opryland and then going to see the Grand Ole Opry. In Opryland there was this MASSIVE hotel with indoor gardens, boat rides, waterfalls, and rivers. It was insane. Nearby was the Willie Nelson Museum which was a really cute museum about Willie and all of his friends with boatloads of cool artifacts. Next door, the General Lee (the car from Dukes of Hazzard) was parked. People could go and take pictures with it and for 5$ you could sit in the front seat! As for the Grand Ole Opry, it was such a great experience and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. It was almost like SNL, since it was being recorded live in front of us, however it was so much more charming. There was no script. The people performing could say whatever they wanted to the audience and it was all so unpredictable. The night my family and I went, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless and Loretta Lynn were all there! Loretta, of course, was dressed in a bright, white, bedazzled, floor-length dress. It all made me feel like a was a part of the country music community.77440009 77440010

Ahhh now for Memphis! I absolutely loved the city of Memphis. Although it was very different from Nashville, it placed a similar value on the importance and history of music. We had to drive to most sights, unlike Nashville, however our trip would not have been complete without seeing them.

Sun Studios was one of my favorite places we stopped at. It was preserved so perfectly. There was a coffee shop in the main part of the studio along with a gift shop. Our tour took us around the tiny museum upstairs and then into Sun Studio itself. I got to stand where Elvis, Johnny Cash and more stood before me. I gotta say… it was pretty awesome.
76670003 76670012

Another site we visited was STAX Records. It used to be an old recording studio of Memphis soul music. There was a short bio before the museum which gave a lot of background as to who recorded there. There were so many big names: Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Booker T. & the MGs, etc. That same day, we went to the Civil Rights Museum. I normally am not big on these sorts of museums, but this one was really cool. It was built right next to the hotel where MLK was assassinated. It breaks down history for you, as it shows you the exact window the bullets were fired from, and then goes into the investigation.76670016 76670021 BBQ is a must in the South. We stopped at Central BBQ and the ribs were so yummy! I highly recommend. 76670024 Finally, no trip to Tennessee would be complete without visiting Graceland: The Home of Elvis. This was hands down my favorite part of the whole vacation. I love Elvis & his music, and thought it was absolutely incredible to see where/how he lived. Surprisingly, his house is not a monster mansion like one might expect. It does have its flashy features (ex. the jungle room, racquetball court), however it’s still modestly sized for a man of such fame. There were also a bunch of Elvis-related things surrounding the house. There was a tiny museum with all of Elvis’s cars, my favorite being the Pink Cadillac he bought for his mother. There was also a room called “Elvis in Vegas” all about his time spent in Nevada; The showcase included some pretty awesome outfits. And finally, on the side of the home stood Elvis’s grave. There was a long line of people waiting to pay their respect to the king of rock and roll; There were lots of fresh flowers around the grave.

76670029Overall, Tennessee is an INCREDIBLE state stuffed full of culture and great music; I seriously can’t wait to return.

These are only a few of the MANY pictures I took on the trip. If you would like to see more, please visit my flickr (click here)!

Wes Anderson for Prada

Wes Anderson is definitely one of my favorite directors, so you can only imagine how excited I was to here that he was directing a 3 part commercial for Prada’s new fragrance Candy. Anderson paired up with Roman Coppola to make a commercial which is signature to his movie style, while still showing off Prada’s charm. So much perfection is jam-packed into 3 short 1 minute episodes (if you will). I would explain the storyline, but these ads are so worth your three minutes that I think it would best suit you to just go ahead and watch below!

Pictures from Iceland

I just got back from an INSANE vacation to Reykjavik, Iceland. Most people don’t even know where Iceland is, and those who do think its covered by ice and deserted. But no, rest assured it is actually quite the hopping scene. The town of Reykjavik is full of really sweet people selling cute wool sweaters. Yes, a stereotype, yet still slightly true. Overall, everyone was just so happy and went about their day with big smiles on their face.

In addition to the wonderful people, the town has a bunch of  incredible restaurants serving up all kinds of interesting things. I got the opportunity to try shark, and let me tell you it is absolutely gross (but I’m still glad I can say I tried it.) They also have a lot of lamb dishes; I must’ve had lamb 6 times while I was there! And of course, they have salmon and herring galore.

And finally, Iceland is so beautiful in so many ways that it’s practically indescribable. One day, we took a bus tour to all the major natural wonders and they were all simply breathtaking. My favorite was Gullfoss, the enormous waterfall in the middle of the glaciers. I highly recommend everyone takes a trip to Iceland, as it is so vastly different from anything the USA has to offer while being a short 5 hours away! In the mean time, check out my pictures below!
90440007 90460002 90440003 90450015 90460008 90450002 90450022 90460017

All photos taken on a Pentax k1000: Film

More photos HERE!

11 Things I Miss From My Childhood

I was a 90s child, loud and proud. I grew up surrounded by flip phones and Walkman. It was a time where you could be totally unreachable and no one would second guess your whereabouts. Television wasn’t infested with junky reality TV shows, making it seem much more family oriented. I grew up with Hilary Duff as my idol, as well as the prime years of Nickelodeon. The 90’s were the time that light up sneakers were considered “cool,” the Backstreet Boys were considered “hip,” and the show Dragon Tales set a standard for kiddie cartoons forever. Those were the days…

Let’s take a walk back down memory lane to the 11 things I miss most about the 90s.